​​San Joaquin Valley Civil War Round Table


I would like to thank the Civil War Round Table of Dallas for graciously allowing us to use their research for the following information.

Heritage Organizations
The Center for Civil War Photography 
Official Records of the War of the Rebellion
Friends of the Hunley
Civil War Photography
Texas General Civil War
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Sons of Union Veterans
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Genealogy Sites
American Civil War Research Database
Civil War Ancestor
Texas State Cemetery
Broadfoot Publishing
Civil War Records
Military Service Records

Civil War Records and Books

Soldier Search- This service of Broadfoot Publishing can locate service records, unit records, pension records and service certificates for Union and Confederate soldiers.

J.K. Street Letters- These letters, written by a Chaplain in the 9th Texas Infantry contain names, dates, battle accounts and other invaluable information related to this North Texas Confederate Infantry Unit. A complete roster of the Ninth Texas Infantry is included for reference.

Preservation Sites

Friends of Raymond
Civil War Preservation Trust
Save The Franklin Battlefield 

National Parks & Museums
Battlefield Parks or NPS List or Museum of the Confederacy
Official CSS Hunley Site 
National Museum of Civil War Medicine
The Carter House/Battle of Franklin
Old City Park Dallas
The Pearce Civil War Collection

History Sites
Civil War Medicine
www.americancivilwar.com- This site is sponsored by American Military University and A&E The History Channel.
The History Net
Don Harvey’s Site- This site contains extensive information on Michigan CW regiments and statistics.
Blue and Gray Education Society
Reenactor’s Mission for Jesus Christ- Unique information and books on religious life in the armies, and information about Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Earth Station 9- Great educational site.

Civil War Official Records Sites
Cornell University- Army and Navy Official Records 
U.S. Military Academy- Civil War maps.
Broadfoot Publishing- Civil War Official Records in printed and CD form, plus other published records and recollections from the Civil War 

Conferences & Tours
Library of Congress Sites Civil War Timelines
Civil War Photographs

Civil War Music
American Civil War Society UK
Lots of Civil War songs with a nice presentation of words and music.

American Civil War Songs- Large list of songs Songs of the Civil War
Short list of songs, but contains some historical background along with the words and music
- Civil War Music Store.

Featuring Authentic Music of the Civil War Performed by Bobby Horton Civil War Art:
John Paul Strain’s Website
Don Troiani’s Website
Mort Kunstler’s Website

Periodicals & Books
Civil War Courier
Civil War News

Reenacting Groups & Events
Annual Gettysburg Reenactment – Yearly in July
Gettysburg Reenactment Website 
9th Texas Infantry
1st US Infantry Calendar of Reenacting Events across the U.S.
The History Calendar
Civil War Camera

Great Reenactment Video: 

Maryville College Online Bachelor of Arts Degree:

The San Joaquin Valley Civil War Round Table proudly supports the Civil War battlefield preservation efforts of CWPT. To learn more, please contact CWPT at 202-367-1861, or visit their website at 
Civil War Preservation Trust.